Am I ready for therapy?

By: Alison Price, MA, LPCC-S If of all the infinite links and tunnels of the internet you've made it to this blog, you are ready for therapy. There is an undeniable level of vulnerability to therapy that is exactly the stuff of magic to the process. Many people downplay their need to speak to another person or wait 'until it gets bad enough', but therapy isn't always about problems. Therapy is about interacting with a human who has dedicated their life to spending time seeing

Why am I so sad?

By: Alison Price, MA, LPCC-S That is a really solid question. Have you ever tried to pin down what you were thinking about or any themes when feeling the most sad? Does sad feel like an everyday, all the time emotion? Sadness is one of my favorite emotions. It does a great job of highlighting what is most important to us as a person and then using the body to bring attention to the fact that we don't have enough. I'd love to get to know your sadness and celebrate how we can b